Mixer F4-USB

A high-performance 4-channel mixer ideal for setting up classrooms and educational laboratories

A high-performance 4-channel mixer.
It is ideal for setting up classrooms, educational laboratories, or meeting rooms: you can connect up to 2 conference microphones + 2 standard microphones.

The channels have the following Special Functions:
1. Adjustable GAIN input sensitivity (both for MIC and LINE), allowing for perfect adjustment.
2. Three-band Equalizer for adjusting BASS, MIDS, and HIGHS, which helps in optimizing voice/speech (Mid-band).
3. Adjustment of the Built-in Digital Effect, providing an Echo effect with adjustable intensity for each channel.
4. Adjustment of the separate AUX output to control a separate audio monitor.
5. SLIDE volume control, which is more practical, precise, and of higher quality compared to rotary potentiometers.
6. BALANCED MIC inputs (channels 1/2) with 48Volts PHANTOM power for high-quality microphones.
7. LINE Inputs for connecting “Unbalanced” microphones with the classic standard 6.3mm Jack or for linking musical instruments, computers, tablets, smartphones.

The USB input with standard audio playback functions (Play, Pause, Forward, Backward) allows listening to MP3 files. In an educational context, it is extremely useful for playing language lessons or other content without necessarily using other external devices; a pen drive is sufficient. The USB port’s volume is adjustable from channels 3/4. The mixer incorporates a Digital ECHO Processor with dedicated controls to adjust repetition frequency and delay.

Other important features:
1. General controls for both EFFECT and AUX.
2. RCA Stereo General Inputs and Outputs to connect the mixer to external recording systems or to another set of amplified speakers.
3. Headphone output with independent adjustment.

  • Dimensions: 212x243x45 mm
  • Mixer
  • Power cable
  • User manual
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