MN100 neck microphone UHF “Modular Voice PRO Line”

The UHF Modular system created by Empire allows the microphone system to be configured according to specific needs!

To be easily paired with Empire R20 and Empire R40 receivers from the Modular Voice Pro Line. It can also be paired with portable microphone systems JN100 and JI100 as they feature two receiving channels.

The transmitter features a special switch to set the transmission power to two values: Low and High.
High is necessary for outdoor use, reaching distances up to 100m, but it increases battery consumption.
Low suffices for most indoor situations where distances are within 30m, significantly reducing battery consumption.

  • 1. Battery : 2x 1.5V (AA) non incluse
  • 2. Normal Working Current: 140 mA
  • 3. Normal operating power: 0.42W
  • 7. Continue Working Time: 3h
  • 8. Carrier Band: UHF640-699 MHz
  • 9. Modulation Mode: PLL Phase-Locked Loop Integrated Control
  • 10. Bandwidth: 60MHz
  • 11. Transmission power: 18 mW (Lo) / 30 mW (Hi)
  • 12. Pickup: Capacitive
  • 13. Sensitivity of pickup: – 38dB±2dB
  • 14. Pointing characteristics: Full-directivity
  • 15. Frequency Adjustment: IR Infrared Automation
  • 16. Frequency Response: 30-18 KHz
  • 17. Contact Emission Strength: >7dB
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