SoundBar SBC1, a video conferencing system

Amplified Soundbar with Integrated 4K Webcam and Two UHF Wireless Microphones

The ultimate tool for Video Conferences, Online Presentations, and Distant Learning
100 Watts, USB Connection, completely Plug & Play!

Connects to PC, Mac, and Touch Monitor via a provided 8-meter USB cable for direct transmission of Video and Audio (in addition to the power cable).

Designed and Engineered in Italy!
It has been designed to be used in both small and large rooms.
The two UHF Wireless Microphones are pre-configured, just insert the batteries and they are ready to use.
The person speaking into the microphone can be heard by those participating remotely in the meeting.
To amplify the microphones so that the voice is also reproduced by the SoundBar, simply adjust the Microphone Volume control.
Thanks to this function, the risk of feedback in small rooms is avoided, but the voice can be amplified in large rooms.

LINE OUT with dedicated Microphone Volume Control.
For the setup of particularly large rooms, it may be necessary to use multiple audio systems in order to cover the entire audience.
This is why the SoundBar SBC1 is equipped with a LINE OUT: to connect other amplified speakers in cascade and adjust the microphone volume using the dedicated Mic Volume.

The Webcam is integrated into the SoundBar and supports 4K resolution for high-quality video images.
It comes with a cover to ensure privacy if needed.
The 100° viewing angle makes it perfect even in small spaces.
Three installation options.

The SoundBar can be:
Wall-mounted using the provided metal hooks.
Attached to a standard camera tripod and/or a microphone stand.
Placed on a piece of furniture or a desk.

Available in BLACK and WHITE

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For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded. For more details, please see our Privacy.
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Technical Specifications

– Total Power: 100 Watts
– Frequency Response: 60Hz-20kHz
– Drivers: 3” Woofer with bass reflex + 1” Tweeter
– Signal-to-Noise Ratio (S/N): ≥ 93dB
– USB Port for Audio, Video, and Mic connection to PC/Mac
– 4K Webcam
– Secondary Line Input: 2x RCA STEREO
– UHF Receiver for 2 Integrated Radio Microphones
– 5-meter Power Cable
– 8-meter USB Cable
– Audio Cable for Secondary Line Input
– Line Out with Microphone Volume Adjustment

Compatibility with Android Operating Systems is not guaranteed.

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