WB-180 PRO

The project behind the WB-180 PRO, equipped with a REMOTE CONTROL, was conceived to cater best to the setup needs of meeting rooms, video conferencing spaces, classrooms, demo rooms, and venues requiring sound distribution such as bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Both the Woofer and the Tweeter feature wide dispersion, and together with the proper tuning with the cabinets, allow the Empire WB-180 PRO to reproduce faithful and wide-ranging sound, resulting in perfect sound distribution.

To make it an absolutely unique product, we equipped the WB-180 PRO with a MICROPHONE INPUT with a 6.3mm Jack AND A DEDICATED VOLUME CONTROL where you can connect various sources: a wired microphone, a musical instrument (electric guitar, etc.), wireless microphones.

The WB-180 PRO perfectly complements EMPIRE Microphones: the wired conference microphones DESK-100 and DESK-500 PRO, the W-601 series of microphones, the convenient portable UHF microphones JN100 and JI100, as well as the entire range of professional microphones from the Modular Voice PRO Line. Of course, it is also possible to install standard microphones from other brands.

In the control panel, there’s a USB 5V 2A power port. Apart from charging devices like phones, tablets, etc., it has been designed to provide continuous power to the UHF JN100 and JI100 Microphones’ receiver for extended usage.

The two separate RCA stereo inputs allow the connection of up to 2 audio sources SIMULTANEOUSLY (including Professional mixers).
The WB-180 PRO is a two-way system: the Woofer is 5 inches with a reinforced coil, offering deep and clean low and mid-range frequencies, while the 1-inch Tweeter reproduces a crystal-clear and soft sound, providing a complete homogeneity to the ensemble. The new Class D amplifier delivers a total of 180 Watts and boasts an incredibly fast rise time, allowing seamless transitions between very soft and very loud audio in a fraction of a second, ensuring an exhilarating listening experience. Being a newly designed amplifier, it ensures optimal power consumption and heat dissipation.
On the rear side of the WB-180 PRO, there are metal slots for easy wall mounting.

The control panel has been streamlined: now featuring a single knob for adjusting Volume, Bass, and Treble (rotate to adjust the setting, press to move to the next function), and it comes with a convenient Wireless Remote Control to adjust all the primary functions.
The connections panel has been placed on one side for wall mounting convenience, ensuring easy access to controls and connections without the need to remove the speaker from the wall.

The package includes:
• 5-meter power cable
• 5-meter audio connection cable
• 5-meter connection cable between the two speakers
• Wireless Remote Control for Bass, Treble, and Volume control

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