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How to Connect Radio Microphones to the SBC1 and SBU PRO SoundBars?2023-11-03T09:00:36+01:00
  • Turn off the Soundbar.
  • Select channel A or B on the microphone (on the ice cream microphone you need to unscrew the handle). Turn on the radio microphone by holding down the AFH button, as soon as the display starts flashing, release the AFH button.
    Turn on the Soundbar and press the AFH button again. If pairing is successful, the BLUE LED corresponding to Channel A or B will light up on the Soundbar.

An explanatory video is available on our Youtube channel:

How to Connect a Second Wireless Microphone to the JN-100 and JN-135?2023-11-03T09:01:37+01:00
  • Turn on the portable receiver and the wireless microphone you want to connect.
  • Press CH1 or CH2 twice depending on where you want to connect the wireless microphone.
  • When the display flashes you must bring the base of the portable receiver (where the antenna is located) closer to the IR window of the radio microphone.
  • If the pairing is successful, the LED corresponding to the CH1 or CH2 channel will light up.

An explanatory video is available on our Youtube channel

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