Empire, an all-Italian brand for almost 20 years, offers a wide range of active audio systems for the most varied uses, characterized by continuous research and development to obtain products with unsurpassed quality / price ratio, by a maniacal attention to detail thanks to a team of specialized engineers and enthusiasts of quality music and audio.

Solutions for every need

Our products

The current range of products covers the need for those who want to listen to music from their MP3, from their smartphone and from their PC or MAC, who want to go wild with videogames, those who want to create or mix music, who want to enhance the audio quality of your own LCD TV.

Audio products for teaching

Products for classrooms and teaching

A whole category of audio systems and accessories is dedicated to the world of Education to meet the demands of schools or private institutions that need to set up classrooms, conference rooms, etc.


Our challenge in creating each product is to combine performance and originality of design to offer superior quality audio systems without ever being more expensive than the competition.