SB-200 ECO, the SoundBar with Subwoofer!

A 2.1 Soundbar because it incorporates a 5.5" 'Downfire' Subwoofer positioned in the center, in addition to the 2-way satellites placed on the sides.

Elevate your listening experience with the included subwoofer in the soundbar. Incredible audio and powerful bass deliver a level of depth and definition never achieved before.

The SB-200 is compact and provides an immersive sound experience thanks to a combination of 1 subwoofer for low frequencies, 4 drivers for mid-range frequencies, and 2 tweeters for high frequencies. All these components are enclosed in the soundbar, allowing it to be placed anywhere in the room. INCLUDES a metal bracket for wall installation, allowing for horizontal and vertical adjustment of the soundbar.

Control everything conveniently through the side-mounted buttons. The SB-200 is excellent for home settings, but not only that: included in the package, you’ll find a new wall mount support that allows you to fix the soundbar to the wall, ideal for meeting rooms or classrooms.

Connect anything you want to the soundbar with the 2 RCA Stereo inputs: TV, smartphone, PC, CD player.

Reduce power consumption: after 20 minutes of absence of an audio signal, the system automatically goes into standby mode. As soon as you play a new audio signal, the system reactivates automatically.

ECO Soundbar:
significantly reduces electricity consumption with automatic ON/OFF. It turns on automatically upon receiving an audio signal and turns off after 20 minutes when the audio source is muted or turned off, providing real and important energy savings.

  • Potenza Totale 200 Watt
  • Risposta in Frequenza 40Hz-20kHz
  • Rapporto S/N ≥ 89DB
  • Tweeter 2x Tweeter da 1,5” (1 Tweeter per lato)
  • Woofer 4x Driver Medi da 3” (2 Driver per lato)
  • Subwoofer 1x SubWoofer da 5.5” con bass reflex ‘Downfire’
  • Controlli sul cabinet Volume, Bassi, Acuti
  • Ingressi RCA Stereo
  • Alimentazione 220V
  • Dimensioni 100 x 17 x 12,5 cm (L x P x A)

– Soundbar SB-200 ECO
– Professional Wall Mount
– 3.5mm RCA-MiniJack Audio Cable
– User Manual

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